"Danielle is a wonderful trainer and human. She truly cares about her clients. She takes the time to educate herself on the latest and gives careful thought to each person, case by case. She really walks the talk, focusing on her own health and fitness as well. She has a great sense of humor to boot"!  Mac Macintosh, Los Angeles, CA

"Danielle has an intuitive way to create the most effective personalised program for her clients.  She worked closely w/ my doctor to insure my recovery and continued success both physically and mentally. Cant thank her enough". Karen K. Venice, CA

"Danielle rocks!  I've been working with her for 2 years.  She was referred to me by 2 good friends and from the first session, I knew that she was unlike any trainer I'd worked with before.  I have some lower back issues, and she customized a program for me that strengthened my core and allowed me to become more limber and my posture has improved like 200%.   One of the best things about Danielle is that she doesn't just stick with the program, like most trainers I know.  The program keeps evolving - and she's always throwing in fun variations so that it's never boring". Jerry J, Venice, CA

"Danielle is one of this town's very best. She helped me get in shape from a totally sedentary office lifestyle to where I'm back out there running and using the gym again - essential for someone of my age. It took a while, and she's not cheap. But then again, how much is your health worth to you, right"? Chris Ross, Los Angeles, CA

"Dani is an excellent trainer. She has helped me work on my muscle imbalances and has givenme real encouragement when I'm not feeling up to the challenge. I also really appreciate the fact that she continuously fine tunes my workout sessions which keeps the training interesting and constructive. Since I started working with her about 8 months ago, I have been able to increase my outdoor biking efficiency with the help of her core strengthening program. I highly recommend working with her"! Halli F, Beverly Hills, CA

"Danielle is a fitness and nutrition inspiration.  She can adapt her workouts and motivations to any level of fitness, from the total beginner to the mom who is having a tough time getting her fitness back to the very experienced gym rat.  She is patient and loyal.  You really feel like she cares about YOU and your goals". Megan B, Santa Monica, CA